Product Sourcing Troubleshooting

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When managing the product sourcing process yourself you may experience issues and headaches across a number of areas eg dealing with factories, suppliers, freight companies and so on, that could cost you dearly. Here’s how to troubleshoot these issues.

The Benefits of Working with An Australian Product Sourcing Agent

great customer service by One Source Global for all your product sourcing needs

One of the potential pitfalls of product sourcing is experiencing is poor customer service. There are many reasons why customer service is essential, but two stand out – it builds trust and credibility, and it creates loyalty. We explain the befits of Australian customer service with One Source Global.

Encountering Product Sampling Issues? Help Is here

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At One Source Global, we understand that encountering sampling issues can be frustrating and time-consuming. We are here to help ensure you get the quality you want and help streamline the process with our direct links in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Turkey & India.

The Ultimate Product Sourcing Cheat Sheet

Product sourcing checklist - the dos and don'ts

Many young and old entrepreneurs look to China as their go-to destination when sourcing products. And it’s no wonder why – products sourced from China are often cheaper than those sourced domestically. Make sure you read our Sourcing Cheat Sheet before wasting time and resources.

Understanding Minimum Order Quantities when Product Sourcing

Pallet of goods with Minimum Order Quantities

You’ve no doubt come across the terms ‘Minimum Order Quantities’ or ‘MOQ’ as you’ve researched possible manufacturing options for your products. So precising does this mean? Sometimes you just want product samples, not order a container load! We explain what it is and how to address product sample ordering.

Four Essentials Tips to Keep In Mind When Product Sourcing in China

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It may seem like common sense but with our deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in the Western world when dealing with China businesses, and with over 20 years of experience when it comes to producing goods in China, it is essential to focus on quality, reliability, affordability and competition.

The Pros & Cons of Global Sourcing

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Global sourcing has become a bit of a buzzword in business and, by now, almost everyone has added their own two cents on the matter. But what if we could take the ethics out of international sourcing for a moment and simply look at how it could affect your bottom line? Is it worth making the switch […]

The Key To Working With Chinese Supplier

Rows of pallets on shelves in a Chinese warehouse

The country’s rapid rise as a low-cost manufacturing hub is what has drawn many businesses and entrepreneurs to do business in China. Although the opportunity is certainly enticing, it can be hard to get the many pieces of a procurement operation in China right. We discuss three factors below that are important considerations. Inertia at […]