Four Essentials Tips to Keep In Mind When Product Sourcing in China

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Whether it’s factory sourcing, negotiation, manufacturing or distribution, we always inform our clients of these four top tips to keep in mind. It may seem like common sense but with our deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in the Western world when dealing with China businesses, and with over 20 years of experience when it comes to producing goods in China, it is essential to focus on quality, reliability, affordability and competition.


Product Sourcing Top Tips to Keep In Mind

1. Quality

In business quality is one of the key factors that you just cannot afford to compromise on. You’re introducing a product/service that is new to the market, and people are experiencing for the first time, therefore you must ensure that the quality is top-notch. Find out about the quality of the goods the supplier provides from businesses that make use of their services. You can also request a sample/test batch to ascertain that what you’re being offered meets up to the quality threshold you’re setting up for your business.


2. Reliability

This is when your own personal research comes in. Contact other businesses around or find someone that has worked with that supplier before, and ask how they operate and if their mode of operation will be beneficial to you and your business. Most importantly, ask if they are reliable and they are a company that you will not regret doing business with. Find out their success rate, and their customer satisfaction rate. You do not want to go into business with an international supplier that is not reliable and won’t provide you with the goods you need when you need them. Or is willing to compromise on the quality or volume of the products you ordered for your business.


3. Affordability

As a new business you have to have a business plan, and budget for any expense you make to make sure your ends meet. Have a sensible budget when it comes to hiring a supplier. If the supplier meets up with the criteria listed above, then you can come to an agreement about price. Try to get the best market price for the quantity you’re ordering at that point, but don’t be ignorant of production and risks cost the supplier has to cover. Never pay upfront, especially if you’re working with a company you never had a prior relationship with. However, if someone you trust has vouched for the supplier’s credibility, you can agree to part payment upfront, to improve your relationship with the supplier.


4. Competition

Just as you’re entering the world of business and getting into competition with other companies for customers, it is important that you understand that you’re also in competition to maintain your supplier. Suppliers can’t provide their services to a large number of companies at a time, which is why they are very careful before offering their services to a certain company. If they do not see growth or any improvement in your company and a different company comes along offering a better rate, they are likely to drop your business for the next. So, ensure you develop a good relationship with your supplier, maintain that relationship, and make the best decisions to help your business grow. 



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