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Looking to source a Chinese supplier and manufacturer for your products? Having difficulties dealing with Chinese manufacturers? Language barriers making it hard to get what you need?

One Source Global is your One Stop Agent!

Importing products from China is not easy. It is a phenomenon that we often detect when talking to companies and many find it difficult to understand the complications involved. A small selection of the problems when importing include: supplier selection, communication, quality standards and customs to name a few.

As sourcing professionals, we have seen the myriad of problems and and well versed in the solutions.

We assist with all steps in the process. We're your one stop agent, offering end-to-end management and services from initial samples, to order to import and delivery.

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One Source Global provides a total solution for all your sourcing needs:

Products and Sectors.

We work with all size firms. You are never too small to work with us.

Our Process.

China is undoubtedly Asia’s strongest emerging market and full of boundless business opportunities.

It is now commonly understood that product sourcing from China can provide huge savings for your business. That being said, sourcing and production in China can be a nightmare and many companies struggle on account of their lack of experience in dealing with China.

One Source Global is the ideal channel to ensure a painless process and a positive end result. Our vast experience and clearly defined processes make us the perfect partner for your long term business endeavours.

1. Project Requirements

We begin by fully understanding your product and project requirements, our Western based team members work directly with you to identify your needs before consulting with our on site team in China. From here we source only the most appropriate and high quality suppliers to meet both your standards and ours.

2. Shortlist Potential Suppliers

Based on our discussions with you regarding your product specifications we then create a shortlist of potential suppliers, all of whom are thoroughly evaluated (including on site inspections by our Chinese staff) to ensure only the highest standards are met. Our experienced team of professionals take quality control and assurance very seriously, it’s what we stand for.

3. Prototype and Production Samples

If required, product prototypes or production samples are developed prior to full production. These samples are delivered to the client to ensure they are 100% satisfied before they move ahead.

4. Delivery

One Source Global manage all aspects of delivery, from domestic transport to international freight, partnering with only the best freight forwarding companies.

Tired of Language, Delivery, Quality, Cost Problems?

Don't worry, we're here to remove those headaches.

China is full of amazing business opportunities for owners and entrepreneurs from around the world, but like any other country, it has it’s hurdles

You must realize the risks of sourcing goods in China while leveraging the opportunities that come with it. Choosing One Source Global as your China Agent has many benefits - we overcome problems and challenges.

Language & Culture

Even if you feel a Chinese supplier that you sourced understand, unfortunately often they don't. This is why the manufacturer always want samples or drawings from you. There is little thinking involved, they simply want to produce.

They often do not offer advice or options. We know this well and will communicate better with them face to face to ask more questions and optimise outcomes.

Local language needs local languagedirectly communicating for it to be correct. One Source Global is on the ground, we're local.

Chinese staff will often tell you they understand as they do not want to offend people. We ensure the right person does understand.

Speaking With The Right Person

It's essential you communicate with the right person in the right area and at the right time. This is not always possible as often the person we deal with must speak to a superior staff member to get answers, who in turn also may need to speak to another staff member!!

One Source Global are there personally, face to face dealing with this and understanding some of them do not make decisions.. Additionally, there are other areas and departments who make decisions that you can not speak with generally. We have access to all required areas including Designers, Production management, Finance department, Dispatch management and so on.


Our services are not expensive to use. There is no middleman margin. One Source Global is very cost effective compared to travelling, researching and being on the ground yourself.

We have staff in many regions throughout China and Asia. We also operate in Vietnam with over10 years Vietnam sourcing experience. We can advise what manufacturing hub would best suit your requirements.

One Source Global has many success stories globally...small, medium and large businesses and production requirements. Secure those returns you want! Request a quote today!

"We are thoroughly experienced in language and navigating cultural barriers. Our team of westerners and locals are on the ground and operate face to face with manufacturers. We are your representative locally in the country your goods are manufactured and we ensure everything is communicated correctly, checked thoroughly and delivered accurately, on time, and on budget. We invite you to use One Source Global as your one stop agent."
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