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China is undoubtedly Asia’s strongest emerging market and full of boundless business opportunities. It is now commonly understood that product sourcing from China can provide huge savings for your business.

That being said, sourcing and production in China can be a nightmare and many companies struggle on account of their lack of experience in dealing with China. One Source Global is the ideal channel to ensure a painless process and a positive end result. Our vast experience and clearly defined processes make us the perfect partner for your long term business endeavours.

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Ourt Services Include:

Corporate Gifts

We produce and source Corporate Gifts, Merch and Promotional Products for your Company and Event. Giveaways, Tees, & more.

Global Sourcing

We know how hard it can be to source reliable goods from a factory in China. We provide sourcing services to make your life easier.

Global Sourcing News and Tips.

Sourcing troubleshooting Panda

Product Sourcing Troubleshooting

When managing the product sourcing process yourself you may experience issues and headaches across a number of areas eg dealing with factories, suppliers, freight companies and so on, that could cost you dearly. Here’s how to troubleshoot these issues.

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